Mighty Wurlitzer Organ

Our Mighty Wurlitzer Organ is played briefly (10 to 30 min as time permits) before the two Friday and Saturday evening performances at the Grand Lake Theater in the Main Auditorium.

Weekend early morning concerts are occasionally performed by the Northern California Theater Organ Society. Check their website for dates and times.

Mighty Wurlitzer Organ
Mighty Wurlitzer Organ in the Main Auditorium
Photo copyright: Tom Paiva 1991

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a message from Daveed & Rafael

(95 Minutes)

R RestrictedDolby DigitalDigital Projection

Pre-release 7/19 show at:
THU: 8:153, 10:101

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Sorry to Bother You

(105 Minutes)

R RestrictedWurlitzer OrganDolby DigitalDigital Projection

FRI-SAT: 11:451, 12:302*, 2:151, 3:152*, 4:451, 6:002*, 7:301, 8:302*, 10:001, 10:452*
SUN-WED: 11:451, 12:302*, 2:151, 3:152*, 4:451, 6:002*, 7:301, 8:302*, 10:001
THU: 11:452*, 2:453, 2:152*, 3:153, 4:452*, 6:003, 7:302*, 9:452*

*Auditorium 2 is not wheelchair accessible

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Ant-Man and the Wasp

(125 Minutes)

Rated PG-13Dolby DigitalDigital Projection

Shown in dual-projector 3D at:
FRI-WED: 4:153, 9:453

Shown in digital 2D at:
FRI-WED: 1:153, 7:153
THU: 1:154, 4:154, 7:154, 10:154

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Incredibles 2

(126 Minutes)

Rated PGDolby DigitalDigital Projection

Shown in digital 2D at:
FRI-WED: 1:004, 4:004, 7:004, 9:354

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3200 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610
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Admission Prices

Regular Features

Gen Adm $11
Child/Senior $8
Matinee $6
Discount Tuesday $5
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3D Features

Gen Adm $12.50
Ch/Senr $9.50
Matinee $6
Discount Tuesday $5
About 3-D

The Grand Lake has a new discount policy: Tuesday is now “$5.00 Day”. All admissions are $5.00* each all day long. This includes 3-D features! (*Excluding Special Engagements) Our new discount policy now extends to matinee shows! All tickets for showtimes starting prior to 6pm are only $6.00, 3-D included! Every day!

Wednesday is Free Popcorn Day! Receive a free bag of popcorn with purchase of admission.

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Wurlitzer Organ large

Mighty Wurlitzer Organ played before Friday and Saturday evening shows indicated in green in the Main Auditorium.
About Wurlitzer Organ

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