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The historic Grand Lake Theater has been designated as one of the top ten vintage theaters in the nation. Located in the lovely Grand/Lakeshore District, the surrounding neighborhood offers a tremendous variety of dining options. Winner of the East Bay Express Reader Poll as the “Best Movie Theater” almost every year, it offers the Bay Area's best movie going experience at the lowest price.


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Grand Lake Main Auditorium
Main Auditorium
Photo copyright: Tom Paiva 1991
Grand Lake Auditorium 3
Auditorium 3 - Egyptian 1920’s style
Photo copyright: Tom Paiva 1991
Grand Lake Auditorium 4
Auditorium 4 - Moorish style
Photo copyright: Tom Paiva 1991

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The Historic Grand Lake Theater

In 1926, the Reid Brothers’ design for the Grand Lake Theater was completed for West Coast Theaters, Inc.

March 6, 1926 marked the grand opening of this Vaudeville Show and Silent Movie House. In 1928, West Coast Theaters, Inc. became part of the Fox Theater Chain. Vaudeville Shows were discontinued after talking pictures (known as ‘talkies’) became popular. In 1980, Allen Michaan, owner of Renaissance Rialto, Inc. purchased the ground lease, opening the theater as a single screen Movie Palace and beginning a process of restoration and upgrades that continues to this day. While currently all digital in the projection of movies the Grand Lake retains the capability of exhibiting 35mm and 70mm films when needed.

Two main expansions:

Expansion #1 - 1981 The main balcony seating was transformed into auditorium #2, which seats 450 patrons in a stadium seating configuration.

Expansion #2 - 1985 Storefronts along Grand Avenue were transformed into small movie palace themed auditoriums. They were connected to the main theater by enclosing an exterior alleyway which connects to the main lobby. Theater 3 was designed in an Egyptian atmospheric style and Theater 4 as a Moorish palace.

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2015- 2021 East Bay EXPRESS Readers' Poll

$7.50 Matinees for all shows before 5:45
(3D screenings included)

Discounted Tuesdays are back!
Admission is now $6 on Tuesdays
Wearing an antiviral mask is optional but recommended in high density situations such as ticket/concession/restroom lines and when an auditorium is highly occupied.

The Woman King

The Woman King

(126 Minutes)

Rated PG-13assist deviceWurlitzer OrganDolby DigitalDigital Projection

FRI: 4:301, 7:151, 9:451
SAT: 1:301, 4:301, 7:151, 9:451
SUN: 1:301, 4:301, 7:151
MON-WED: 4:301, 7:151
THUR: 4:301, 7:151

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(115 Minutes)

R Restrictedassist deviceDolby DigitalDigital Projection

FRI: 5:002*, 7:402*, 10:002*
SAT: 12:002*, 2:302*, 5:002*, 7:402*, 10:002*
SUN: 12:002*, 2:302*, 5:002*, 7:402*
MON-WED: 5:002*, 7:402*
THUR: 5:002*, 7:402*
2* -Auditorium #2 is not wheelchair accessible

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Avatar (2009) re-release

Shown in 2 Projector 3D

(165 Minutes)

Rated PG-13assist deviceDolby DigitalDigital Projection

FRI: 4:003, 7:303
SAT: 12:303, 4:003, 7:303
SUN: 12:303, 4:003, 7:303
MON-WED: 4:003, 7:303
THUR: 4:003 Ends Tonight

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Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling

(122 Minutes)

R Restrictedassist deviceDolby DigitalDigital Projection

FRI: 4:154, 7:004, 9:304
SAT: 1:154. 4:154, 7:004, 9:304
SUN: 1:154, 4:154, 7:004
MON-WED: 4:154, 7:004
THUR: 4:154, 7:004

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(134 Minutes)

R Restrictedassist deviceDolby DigitalDigital Projection

THUR: 7:053

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Theater Info

3200 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA 94610

Directions & Parking

Admission Prices

Regular Features

Gen Adm $13
Child/Senior $9.50
Matinee $7.50
Discount Tuesday $6

About Ratings
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3D Features

Gen Adm $14.50
Ch/Senr $11
Matinee $7.50
Discount Tuesday $6

About 3-D

The Grand Lake has a new discount policy: Tuesday is now “$6.00 Day”. All admissions are $6.00* each all day long. This includes 3-D features! (*Excluding Special Engagements) Our new discount policy now extends to matinee shows! All tickets for showtimes starting prior to 6pm are only $7.50, 3-D included! Every day!

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Wurlitzer Organ large

Mighty Wurlitzer Organ played before Friday and Saturday evening shows indicated in green in the Main Auditorium.
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